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Update April 2019 - 2019-04-22

Update April 2019

It had been a few months since we hadn’t any updates on Remote France ! This is now solved. I updated the rents, and added a new criteria : air quality. I also expanded the ranking to the 50 best French cities, up from 25 cities.

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Update February 2019 - 2019-02-11

Update February 2019

Just as every month, the update of february brings new changes to the ranking methodology and data!

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Remote France Translated - 2019-01-06

Remote France Translated

At last! Remote France is available in english. To all our friends who are looking for a new home in France, you can now browse our ranking with ease.

We wish you all a very happy and productive year 2019 - bonus points to you if you settle up in one of our recommended cities!

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Weather Update - 2018-12-28

Weather Update

Before, our weather rating only included 2 variables: annual precipitations, and a bonus given from the location of the city, it is located near the mountains or the sea. We have updated this rating to make it more reliable.

We have indeed kept the two pre-existing variables, and we have added a new one: the average temperature. Now, when precipitations are similar, warmer cities rank higher… Which makes a lot of sense!

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Welcome to Remote France ! - 2018-12-10

Welcome to Remote France !

Remote France is the best tool to choose the ideal french city for you to work & live.

We provide a comprehensive list of the best french cities according to objective criteria. In a spirit of openness, we give you access to our methodology. There’s no secret : the cities in our ranking are objectively and empirically the best, and all deserve precisely their place in the ranking!

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